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Title Datesort ascending
Same-Sex Partner Arms Race
Milwaukee News Buzz
"Whomever Gov. Scott Walker chooses to represent the state in a case challenging the state’s domestic partner registry will have to share the defense with a pair of lawyers working for Lambda Legal, a national gay rights group....

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Government Presses Fight Over Lesbian Employee's Benefits
"The Obama administration will press ahead with its fight against one federal employee’s bid to obtain health insurance for her same-sex spouse, according to a government court filing on Monday.

Is DOMA Dead?
The Nation
"But the headlines missed the technical but important note in Holder's announcement: the Obama administration believes that any law affecting lesbians and gay men deserves "heightened scrutiny" by the courts.

Shift on Gay-Marriage Law Will Affect Array of Policies
Wall Street Journal
"The Obama administration's decision to no longer back the Defense of Marriage Act won't immediately enable married gay couples to receive federal benefits, but is already shaping battles in the courts and in Congress that could affect a range of government policies.

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NYers in Gay Marriage Can Inherit as Spouse: Court
NBC New York
"A survivor of a same-sex marriage can inherit as a spouse, an appeals court said Thursday in a ruling a gay-rights legal group called the first appellate decision of its kind in New York.

Obama administration shifts legal stance on gay marriage
Los Angeles Times
"In a major shift on gay rights, the Obama administration said that it would no longer oppose legal challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act, just two months after Congress and the president agreed to repeal the military's ban on openly gay service members.

Under IRS rule change, same-sex couples must split income and may get tax break
The Sacramento Bee
"Under so-called 'income splitting,' the IRS is requiring all same-sex married couples or registered domestic partners in California to divide their combined income equally and report it on their separate tax returns. "For some couples, it will mean more money in their 2010 refund; for others, they'll pay more in taxes.

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What the Gay Marriage News Means for You
The New York Times
"On Wednesday, President Obama directed the Justice Department to stop defending the law that bans federal recognition of same-sex marriages. And while the decision will — and should — be celebrated by gay couples across the country, practically speaking, their lives won’t change much for some time.

Court hears arguments on Arizona law ending domestic partner benefits
The Tuscon Sentinel
"An Arizona law removing domestic partner benefits for state employees discriminates against same-sex couples because they can't get married to qualify, an attorney argued Monday before an appeals court panel.

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Court to take up issue of same-sex benefits in Arizona
"Carrie Sperling and Sue Shapcott moved here from Texas in 2007 knowing that Arizona wouldn't recognize their same-sex marriage, but at least they would qualify for domestic partner benefits available to state employees because of Sperling's job with Arizona State University.

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