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In denying benefits, firm says civil union not marriage's equal
The New Jersey Star-Ledger
7/28/2007"A company that provides health care coverage to married gay couples in Massachusetts has denied the same benefits to a couple who entered a civil union in New Jersey."United Parcel Service's decision to deny coverage to a Toms River couple boils down to a single word: New Jersey law does not call them 'spouses.'

Same-Sex Relationships

Hitting the funny bone
Bay Windows
6/28/2007"Earlier this year, Lambda Legal launched a competition for cartoonists to submit cartoons about the importance of fair courts for LGBT and individual rights, and from now until July 15 visitors to the organization's website can compare the five finalists and cast their vote for the winner.

Court Backs School On Speech Curbs
The Washington Post
6/26/2007"The Supreme Court yesterday gave public schools new authority to regulate what students say, allowing principals to punish speech or demonstrations that may 'reasonably be viewed' as promoting illegal drug use.

Gay marriage advocates celebrate '60s interracial marriage case
Scripps Howard
6/13/2007"Civil rights organizations gathered at the Capitol Tuesday to celebrate a landmark Supreme Court case they say might aid the cause of gay marriage."They marked the 40th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court, the case that allowed interracial couples to marry.

Landmark case fulfills promise of the freedom to marry
The Advocate
6/12/2007Commentary by Kevin Cathcart and H. Alexander Robinson

Is your doctor playing judge?
6/2007"...It's not always easy talking to your doctor about sex. Whether you're asking about birth control, STDs or infertility, these discussions can be tinged with self-consciousness, even embarrassment. Now imagine those same conversations, but supercharged by the anxiety that your doctor might respond with moral condemnation ? and actually refuse your requests.

Bellevue OKs benefits for domestic partners
The Seattle Times

Weddings/Celebrations, Mark Lewis, Dennis Winslow
The New York Times
5/27/2007"The Rev. Mark Alan Lewis and the Rev. K. Dennis Winslow, Episcopal priests, were joined in civil union on Tuesday at the couple's home in Union City, N.J. The couple met 15 years ago this week, shortly after Lewis moved to New Jersey."...'Our eyes met from across the apartment,' Mr. Lewis said. 'We have been together since that day.'

170 New Yorkers' Gay Marriages Upheld
Fox News
5/16/2007"The marriages of more than 170 gay couples from New York who wed in Massachusetts before last July are valid because New York had not yet explicitly banned same-sex marriages, a Massachusetts judge ruled.

6 couples challenge state's ban on gay marriage
The Des Moines Register
5/52007"An attorney representing six gay and lesbian couples argued Friday afternoon that the state's ban on gay marriage is not simply a rhetorical debate surrounding right and wrong, but an urgent issue that affects the lives of longtime couples who cannot marry.