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Asking and Telling Since 1975
The Huffington Post
December 18 was an historic day: The Senate finally followed the House to repeal the discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law. On this vote, Congress lived up to the values that lesbian, gay and bisexual servicemembers swore to defend.

North Carolina Ruling Jeopardizes Same-Sex Families
Keen News Service
12/28/2010 "The North Carolina Supreme Court on December 20 voided the adoption by a lesbian mother of the child who she and her former partner, the biological mother, were raising together. The ruling jeopardizes the legality of all other such 'second-parent adoptions' in the state.

Adoption and Parenting

Prop. 8 legal battle has implications for all ballot measures
San Diego Union-Tribune
1/9/2011 "The legal battle over same-sex marriage in California pivoted back last week to the state Supreme Court to answer a legal question that will affect not only gays and lesbians who want to marry.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Court: Texas Can't Stop Gay Divorce That's Granted
Fox News
1/10/2011 "The Texas attorney general can't block a divorce granted to two women who were legally married elsewhere, an appeals court ruled Friday.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Full federal appeals court hears whether La. must put 2 adoptive dads on birth certificate
Associated Press
1/18/2011 "The question of whether Louisiana must put both parents' names on birth certificates of children adopted by gay couples goes before 16 federal appeals court judges on Wednesday.

Adoption and Parenting

Ind. School District Settles With Trans Student
The Advocate
1/28/2011 "Lambda Legal has reached a settlement with the Gary, Ind., school district, in the case of a transgender student who was barred from attending prom in a dress in 2006, and the district has adopted LGBT-inclusive policies as part of it.

Transgender Rights | Teens & Young Adults

Scores debate same-sex marriage at House hearing
Des Moines Register
2/1/2011 "Iowans' deep and divided emotions over marriage rights spilled out onto the House floor Monday night, the eve of a House vote on a resolution to begin the process to amend the state's constitution to ban same-sex marriage." Watch Lambda Legal plaintiffs Jen and Dawn BarbouRoske speak in the video below:

Community Leaders: Francisco Dueñas
February 2011 Francisco Dueñas, Coordinator of Lambda Legal's Proyecto Igualdad, was profiled in a cover story about Latino LGBT community leaders.

Transgender employee fired by state awaits ruling
The Atlanta Journal Constitution
2/2/2011 "Vandy Beth Glenn still has the box she packed more than three years ago after being told to empty out her office. "Though the legislative editor -- hired as a man in 2005 and fired roughly two years later after informing a supervisor she was undergoing gender transition -- was reinstated last August, the box remains untouched.

Illinois gay rights groups launch civil union tracker
Rockford Register Star
2/4/2011 "Two gay rights organizations have launched a way to track the couples who take advantage of Illinois' newly signed civil unions law. "Lambda Legal and Equality Illinois say their civil union tracker aims to make sure same-sex and different-sex couples are treated fairly under the law.