Know Your Rights

How Lambda Legal Can Help

When to contact us

Lambda Legal and other organizations have successfully gone to court on behalf of students against a number of school districts—in California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota and Utah —that have broken the law by refusing to allow GSAs to meet on the same terms as other groups.

Contact Lambda Legal (866-542-8336 or visit if you:

  • Have questions about your legal rights to form a GSA, or otherwise have questions about your rights as a LGBTQ person.
  • Encounter any resistance to forming a GSA.
  • Experience frustration because the administration is not responding to your request to start a GSA.
  • Are told that the school will not provide access to the school website, public address system, bulletin boards or poster space when other non-curricular clubs have access.
  • Are told that the school forbids the use of the school name in association with the GSA, or the use of words or expressions like “gay” or “LGBTQ” in your GSA’s name.
  • Discover that the school bans or blocks websites with LGBTQ information.
  • Are told your faculty advisor may not participate in your meetings, even though faculty advisors participate in other clubs, or that your faculty advisor must participate differently from the faculty advisors of other clubs.
  • Are told that you cannot have outside speakers.
  • Have your GSA meetings monitored by administrators or staff.
  • Are told you need parental permission to participate.