Selected Cases

Since the 1970s, Lambda Legal has made history through winning legal victories that allowed LGBT people and people with HIV to live their lives with greater dignity, safety and equality under the law.

The cases below offer a broad overview of legal matters Lambda Legal has pursued on behalf of LGBT people and people living with HIV during the most recent decades of our nearly 40-year history.

Case arguing that the LAPD violated a settlement agreement intended to protect an openly gay officer from harassment and discrimination on the job
Federal lawsuit seeking the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Virginia
Case representing same-sex partner of shooting victim seeking survivor benefits in Alaska.
Case defending students’ right to take a stand against antigay bullying.
Case seeking to remove custody restriction forcing a same-sex couple to live separately in order to retain custody of a child
Historic case seeking to enforce a student's First Amendment right to be out at school
Marriage recognition and family law case at the United States Supreme Court seeking accurate birth certificates listing both parents to children born with legally married same-sex couples in Ohio.
Case seeking the right to marry for same-sex couples in New York
Man fired from a Subway restaurant after disclosing his HIV status
A federal case challenging California's discriminatory ballot measure, Prop 8, which eliminated same-sex couples' right to marry in that state.
Case challenging the wrongful denial of non-profit property tax exemption for a New York LGBTQ community center


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