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Mexico Travel Worries for Gay Families? 10/10/2000

(NEW YORK, October 10, 2000) — Regina Quattrochi, Priscilla Lenes and their two children arrived at Newark International Airport, with tickets and valid proof of United States citizenship for each family member, prepared to begin a vacation in Mexico; they were not prepared for airline agents demanding permission from a non-existent father before they could board their flight.

Immigration and Asylum
VP Candidates Engage in Freedom-to-Marry Debate 10/06/2000

(NEW YORK, October 6, 2000) – In a striking sign of the progress the country has made toward embracing gay people’s freedom to marry, the Republican and Democratic vice presidential candidates, during their nationally televised debate, spoke of how they themselves “wrestle with” and are “open to” questions of the legal rights due to same-sex couples.

Anti-LGBT Rulings, Laws and Amendments
Students and Salt Lake City School Board End Feud over Gay-Supportive Clubs 10/06/2000

Youth and Schools
Supreme Court to Hear Argument in Major Test for ADA 10/05/2000

(NEW YORK, October 5, 2000) — In a case critical for people with HIV, AIDS, and other disabilities, 20 civil rights organizations urge the United States Supreme Court to uphold the Americans with Disabilities Act’s protections against discrimination by state agencies, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Thursday.

A. Cornelius Baker to Speak at Bon Foster Memorial Lecture and Luncheon 10/04/2000

(CHICAGO, October 4, 2000) — National authority on HIV and AIDS policy A. Cornelius Baker’s upcoming Bon Foster Memorial Civil Rights Lecture on Friday, October 20 comes at a crucial time for discrimination protections in the United States, said Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund Wednesday.

Nebraska Supreme Urged to Correct Injustice in Brandon Appeal 10/02/2000

(NEW YORK, Monday, October 2, 2000) — A significant group of 31 civil rights and victims’ advocacy organizations are joining Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund in appealing the meager amount awarded for a county sheriff’s failure to protect Brandon Teena from a brutal murder.

Teens & Young Adults
Florida Appeals Court Squashes Challenge to Domestic Partnership Law 09/21/2000

(ATLANTA, September 21, 2000) — A Florida Court of Appeals upheld Broward County’s domestic partnership ordinance, derailing another right-wing effort to block domestic partner benefits for public employees, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Thursday.

Beatrice Dohrn Departs After Nearly Eight Years Directing Lambda Civil Rights Strategy 09/15/2000

(NEW YORK, September 15, 2000) — Beatrice Dohrn, at the helm of Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund’s groundbreaking legal department for most of the past decade, directing Lambda’s civil rights litigation strategy in cases from adoption and employment rights to protections for gay youth and anti-gay initiative challenges, announced her resignation Friday.

A. Cornelius Baker is Keynote Speaker for Civil Rights Lecture and Luncheon 09/14/2000

(CHICAGO, September 14, 2000) — National authority on HIV and AIDS policy A. Cornelius Baker will deliver the Bon Foster Memorial Civil Rights Lecture next month, at a time when discrimination and health threats to American and international communities demand attention, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Wednesday.

Lambda Urges Supreme Court to Uphold ADA Protections for State Employees 09/13/2000

(NEW YORK, September 13, 2000) — Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, together with 19 other civil rights organizations, is urging the United States Supreme Court to uphold the federal Americans with Disabilities Act as a protection against disability-based discrimination by state agencies.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace