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In Far Reaching Lawsuit Settlement, Virginia Lets Lesbian Adopt D.C. Foster Child 08/14/2002

In Dramatic First, Vermont High Court Orders State to Treat Gay & Non-gay Couples Equally 12/20/1999

(NEW YORK, December 20, 1999) — The Vermont Supreme Court, in a unanimous first of its kind ruling Monday, ordered the state legislature to extend to lesbian and gay couples the same rights, protections, benefits and obligations available to non-gay couples through marriage, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said.

In Damage Control Attempts Amid Growing Public Concern About HIV Bias, Cirque du Soleil Admits Firing Gymnast Because He Has HIV, But Says That's Not "Discrimination" 11/13/2003

Employment and Rights in the Workplace
In Anti-Gay Bias Lawsuit Against UPS, Lambda Legal Says Gay Couple of 27 Years Is Forced To Live Apart Because UPS Policy Favors Straight, Married Couples 08/19/2003

Employment and Rights in the Workplace
In a First-of-Its-Kind Example, Lambda Legal Announces Settlement Agreement that Lays Groundwork for Civil Rights Safeguards in Public Funding of Faith Based Organizations 11/05/2003

(Washington, DC, November 5, 2003) - As the nation debates the new wave of government funding of faith-based social services, Lambda Legal today announced a lawsuit settlement requiring civil rights safeguards when faith-based organizations receive taxpayer dollars to provide social services.

Anti-LGBT Rulings, Laws and Amendments
In 'Groundswell of Support,' Dozens of Respected, Diverse Groups Urge Washington State Supreme Court To Allow Same-Sex Couples To Marry 02/08/2005

(Seattle, Tuesday, February 8, 2005) — Lambda Legal said today that briefs from dozens of groups urging the Washington State Supreme Court to allow same-sex couples to marry show an “extraordinary level of support” for marriage equality among a wide range of people in the state.

Immigration Court Rules in Favor of HIV-Positive Man Facing Deportation after Solicitation Conviction 06/05/2013

(Los Angeles, June 5, 2013) - The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) has vacated an Immigration Judge's ruling ordering the deportation of an HIV-positive immigrant convicted of solicitation for oral sex.

HIV | Immigration and Asylum
Illinois' Advocates Hail Great First Step to End Discrimination Against Transgender Individuals in Health Insurance Coverage 07/29/2014

CHICAGO — Several Illinois-based advocacy groups joined together today to praise the Illinois Department of Insurance for taking a crucial first step in addressing discrimination against transgender Illinoisans in insurance coverage.

Health Care Fairness | Transgender Rights
Illinois Judicial Panel Files Complaint Against Judge for Blocking Gay Adoptions 02/05/2001

(CHICAGO, February 5, 2001) — The Judicial Inquiry Board of Illinois issued an eight-count complaint Monday against a Cook County judge for allowing her anti-gay biases to interfere with adoptions sought by two lesbian families. The inquiry board will prosecute the complaint and seek appropriate sanctions before the Illinois Courts Commission.

Illinois House Passes Civil Union Bill; Lambda Legal Celebrates and Urges Senate to Follow: Protect Same-sex Couples and Their Families 11/30/2010

The Illinois House of Representatives passed the civil union bill today, taking an important step toward providing needed legal protections for same-sex couples. Lambda Legal is celebrating this vote and urging the Illinois Senate to follow.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections