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Encouraged by UPS Statement in Anti-Gay Bias Case, Lambda Legal Continues Harnessing Support for Gay Couple Forced Apart Because of Discriminatory Policy 08/26/2003

Employment and Rights in the Workplace
In Anti-Gay Bias Lawsuit Against UPS, Lambda Legal Says Gay Couple of 27 Years Is Forced To Live Apart Because UPS Policy Favors Straight, Married Couples 08/19/2003

Employment and Rights in the Workplace
Lambda Legal Joins City of New Orleans in Defending Domestic Partnership Benefits for City Employees 08/14/2003

(New Orleans, August 14, 2003) In court papers filed today, Lambda Legal joins the City of New Orleans in defending the city’s policy extending health insurance benefits to domestic partners of its gay and lesbian workers and protecting the city’s domestic partner registry.

California Supreme Court Overturns Misguided Second-Parent Adoption Decision 08/05/2003

By 55% to 41%, New Jersey likely voters say gay couples should be able to marry, according to Zogby Poll released today; the margin among Independent voters is an even bigger 60% to 36% 07/28/2003

Lambda Legal Files Federal Discrimination Complaint On Behalf of Stroke Victim Who Was Denied Care by 6 Louisiana Nursing Homes Because He Has HIV 07/23/2003

(Dallas, July 23, 2003)- Arguing that six Louisiana nursing homes violated federal law by refusing to care for a stroke victim because he also has HIV, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund will file a federal discrimination complaint against the homes today.

Cirque du Soleil Unlawfully Denied Gymnast Dream Job Because He Has HIV, Lambda Legal Says in Federal Discrimination Complaint 07/15/2003

(Los Angeles, July 15, 2003) - Arguing that Cirque du Soleil violated state and federal laws by denying a highly qualified gymnast an integral part in its “Mystere” show this spring, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund filed a federal discrimination complaint against the company in Los Angeles today.

Lambda Legal Files Lawsuit Today on Behalf of Students at Lubbock High School Barred from Forming Gay Straight Alliance Group 07/08/2003

(Lubbock,Texas, July 8, 2003) In court papers filed today, Lambda Legal is suing Lubbock Independent School District for barring students from forming a Gay Straight Alliance on campus and recognizing it as a legitimate school club.

Teens & Young Adults
Landmark Ruling for Gay Civil Rights: U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas 'Homosexual Conduct' Law 06/26/2003

(Washington, Thursday, June 26, 2003) - In the most significant ruling ever for lesbian and gay Americans’ civil rights, the U.S. Supreme Court today struck down Texas's "Homosexual Conduct” law, which criminalizes oral and anal sex by consenting gay couples and is used widely to justify discrimination against lesbians and gay men.

U.S. Dept. of Justice Gay Employee Group Honors Lambda Legal Tomorrow at Event that Was Banned from Agency Headquarters 06/19/2003

(Washington, DC -- Thursday, June 19, 2003) Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund will receive an award tomorrow at an annual gay pride event held by U.S. Dept. of Justice employees -- capping two weeks of controversy over a policy change blocking the group from meeting at the agency’s headquarters even though other employee associations can continue holding similar events.

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