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Big Town Big Dreams, Flor Bermudez
New York Daily News
11/28/2007"How did Flor Bermudez, once a middle-class teenager from an educated family in Mexico City, trade in her desire to be a doctor and become a seasoned advocate for the underdog?

Tom-Boys Allowed; Jane-Girls Not Allowed
Pam's House Blend

Transgender Rights | Teens & Young Adults

Transgender Woman Seeks Name Fee Waiver
The Chicago Tribune
1/18/2008"A transgender woman who wants to change her legal name from 'Donald' to 'Daunn' asked the state Supreme Court Thursday to order Will County's chief judge to waive about $450 in court fees because of her low income.

Transgender Rights

Pair reflect on months as married gay couple
The Des Moines Register
1/20/2008"One image encapsulates the chaos of the summer morning five months ago when gay marriage was legal — briefly — in Polk County.

US Drops Ban on HIV-Positive Diplomats
Associated Press
2/15/2008"Under pressure from a lawsuit, the State Department is changing rules that had disqualified HIV-positive people from becoming U.S. diplomats.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace | HIV | Military

Commission Report Cites Flaws in New Jersey Civil Union Law
The New York Times
2/20/2008"New Jersey's civil union law 'creates a second-class status' for same-sex couples and is particularly vexing for people in the military, transgender people, the poor and minorities, according to a report issued on Tuesday by a commission set up to review the law.

$65M for gay rights, HIV/AIDS groups
Associated Press
2/27/2008"The estate of Ric Weiland, a high school classmate of Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen and one of the first five people to work at the software giant, has left $65 million to gay rights and HIV/AIDS organizations.

NY to Offer Gay Divorce Before Marriage?
ABC News
2/28/2008"Lambda Legal Senior Counsel, Susan Sommer, discusses a case involving a married same-sex couple who are seeking a divorce in New York state after being legally married in Canada."

Gay Marriage Returns to California Court
Associated Press
3/5/2008"The national gay marriage debate shifted to California on Tuesday, as the state's highest court was hearing arguments on the constitutionality of a voter-approved law banning same-sex marriage.

Gay Marriage Gains Notice in State Court
The New York Times
3/6/2008"On the way home from work in Rochester, Patricia Martinez stopped at a liquor store and bought a small bottle of Champagne to celebrate her marriage to another woman. The wedding took place in Canada nearly four years ago, but it wasn't until Feb. 1 that a New York appellate court declared it valid in the state.