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Same-sex marriage and the new YouTube debate
1/12/2010"The federal judge who is hearing appeals of California's Proposition 8 this week ruled that the proceedings could be shown -- albeit in delayed fashion -- on YouTube.

Same-sex marriage fight back in court
South Jersey Courier Post
3/19/2010"Gay couples who unsuccessfully sued New Jersey four years ago for the right to marry returned to court Thursday, claiming the state has not fulfilled a court order to treat them the same as married heterosexual couples.

Same-sex marriage set for big day in federal court
The Washington Post
1/11/2009"After a run of setbacks at the state level, gay rights advocates will take the campaign for same-sex marriage into a federal courtroom on Monday, starting down a treacherous avenue that ends at a U.S. Supreme Court dominated by conservatives.

Same-sex marriage: What now?
Los Angeles Times
5/30/2008"With the California Supreme Court's recent decision overturning the state's ban on same-sex nuptuals, Lambda Legal's Jon Davidson and the Alliance Defense Fund's Glen Lavy debate the future of gay marriage in California and the country."

Same-sex marriages gain support
The Des Moines Register
3/30/2008"A new flock of same-sex marriage supporters jumped into Iowa's constitutional battle over gay rights Friday with legal briefs they hope will influence the Iowa Supreme Court.

Same-Sex Partner Arms Race
Milwaukee News Buzz
"Whomever Gov. Scott Walker chooses to represent the state in a case challenging the state’s domestic partner registry will have to share the defense with a pair of lawyers working for Lambda Legal, a national gay rights group....

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections | Same-Sex Relationships

Scared Straight: Pushing the Panic Button
Philadelphia Daily News
6/23/2010 "Although there's no standard definition of the 'gay panic' defense, it rests on the defendant's being so offended or shocked by sexual advances from a person of the same gender that the defendant assaults or kills the victim.

Criminal Justice

Schools hit with fine from 2006 lawsuit
Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana
2/2/2009"A federal judge has sanctioned Gary Community School Corp. for failing to turn over documents to lawyers for a former student who is suing the district for barring him from the senior prom because he was wearing a pink gown.

Youth and Schools | Transgender Rights | Teens & Young Adults

Scores debate same-sex marriage at House hearing
Des Moines Register
2/1/2011 "Iowans' deep and divided emotions over marriage rights spilled out onto the House floor Monday night, the eve of a House vote on a resolution to begin the process to amend the state's constitution to ban same-sex marriage." Watch Lambda Legal plaintiffs Jen and Dawn BarbouRoske speak in the video below:

Settlement reached in AIDS discrimination lawsuit
Arkansas News
9/1/2010 "Parties announced a settlement today in a lawsuit filed last year against a North Little Rock assisted-living center that allegedly evicted a 75-year-old man from the facility because he had the virus that causes AIDS.