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Transgender Issues Get Their Day in the Sun in Albany
New York Magazine
During the Equality and Justice Day rally in Albany, marriage equality was the issue on many people's minds. It's the LGBT debate with the most national traction in headlines and financial support on both sides of the issue. But as the hundreds of advocates rallied on the lawn in front of the state house began chanting and waving placards, the first phrase of that familiar protest singsong was: "What do we want? GENDA! When do we want it? Now!" GENDA is the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, a bill that would protect transgender people in employment, housing, services and public accommodations.

Transgender Rights

Transgender Ga. woman claims she was wrongly fired
Associated Press
7/23/2008"A former state employee claimed Tuesday in a federal lawsuit that top Georgia legislative officials fired her because she said she would come to work dressed as a female as she prepared for a sex-change procedure to transform from man to woman.

Transgender Rights

Transgender Employee Rehired but Won't Be Working
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
8/6/2010 "Vandy Beth Glenn has her job back—with salary, benefits and seniority—but she won't be returning to work.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace | Transgender Rights

Transgender employee fired by state awaits ruling
The Atlanta Journal Constitution
2/2/2011 "Vandy Beth Glenn still has the box she packed more than three years ago after being told to empty out her office. "Though the legislative editor -- hired as a man in 2005 and fired roughly two years later after informing a supervisor she was undergoing gender transition -- was reinstated last August, the box remains untouched.

Transgender Candidate Who Ran as Woman Did Not Mislead Voters, Court Says
The New York Times
10/06/2008"The Georgia Supreme Court ruled Monday that a transgender politician did not mislead voters by running for office as a woman."The court dismissed a lawsuit filed by two opponents of the politician, Michelle Bruce, who was born Michael Bruce, that said she disguised her sex while seeking re-election last year in Riverdale, Ga.

Transgender Rights

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #541: ENDA Testimony Edition
9/23/2009"The House Education and Labor Committee held its first full committee hearing on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act today. Here is testimony from eight witnesses."

Employment and Rights in the Workplace | Transgender Rights

Tools Against Homophobic Bullying
The New York Times

Teens & Young Adults

Tom-Boys Allowed; Jane-Girls Not Allowed
Pam's House Blend

Transgender Rights | Teens & Young Adults

Today in Texas History: Court strikes down sodomy law
The Houston Chronicle
6/26/2010 "On this date in 2003, the Supreme Court, in a landmark decision, repealed Texas' 'Homosexual Conduct' law, in a 6-3 decision, declaring laws against sodomy unconstitutional.

Thinking About California. Maybe Gonna Get Married.
The New York Times
5/18/2008"As soon as the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that gay men and lesbians had a constitutional right to marry, my partner and I started getting the calls: When would we head West to get hitched?