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Film Festival to Screen Lambda Legal's Illinois Marriage Video

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October 3, 2012

Our short film "Marriage Equality in Illinois—It's Just Time" will be screened this Sunday, October 7, at the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival (CISCFF) in a showcase of films titled “Locked Closets: How Government, Culture & Status Affect Coming Out.”

The screening of our campaign video at CISCFF marks the second time this season that our film gets screened at a festival!

2012 is the inaugural year of CISCFF, a film forum to initiate productive dialogue with social entrepreneurs and the community through their films. "Marriage Equality in Illinois—It's Just Time" will be shown at 2:45 pm at Showplace Icon, 150 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago.

The screening will be held in conjunction with a panel discussion on LGBT issues featuring Jordan Heinz of Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Lambda Legal’s co-counsel in our lawsuit seeking the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Illinois. The panel will also feature one of our plaintiff couples, Mercedes Santos and Theresa Volpe.

This is one of several videos that feature the couples behind Lambda Legal's lawsuit seeking the freedom to marry in Illinois. Watch the rest of the videos, including Mercedes and Theresa’s video, here.

Learn more about the case, and sign our pledge supporting the freedom to marry in Illinois.